My first Broughton Christmas!

I can hardly believe that my first four months as Priest here has flown by so quickly.14566472_1769708353289344_2363097209876510431_o  As we moved in as a family at the beginning of August, the sun was shining and it seemed like summer would never end.  Now we are shivering as we run over to church or nip over to Asda for a pint of milk!

One of the many joys of priesthood is welcoming new families to us through baptism.  Pictured above is baby Anthony and his Dad, David.  The baptism was one of many we have been privileged to hold since I arrived, and the source of much joy to us all.

I have learned quite a lot as Priest of my new Parishes.  Firstly, the people in Broughton are wonderful. Warm and caring, very community focused, and very open.  Secondly, there is much to celebrate here.  We have amazing schools in the parishes and it has been such a delight to get to know Cheetwood Primary as a Governor and Marlborough Road Academy to support their R.E. Teaching.  Both schools have wonderful, committed staff who are a credit to their communities.

We have much to do here to ensure the future of our beautiful building and to ensure we serve our community every day.   There is much need and many people who need our help. But this is only possible because we have amazing volunteers who give up their time to serve others.  Thank you to them all.  We couldnt manage without you.




One thought on “My first Broughton Christmas!

  1. Hi there we would love to meet you
    Our Community Lunch and Food Pantry is open Weds Thursday Friday 11am to 1pm. Do call in and have a cuppa and a hot meal.

    See you soon
    Rev Christine


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